Patient Portal

The Regency Medical Center Practice Portal offers a wide range of features designed to streamline tasks within our practice and improve our patients' ability to be more involved in their own care along with many other benefits.

Access our Secure Patient Portal

To access our Secure Patient Portal, click the image to the right or follow the link below.

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Features & Benefits

Patients Can Access Their Medical Summary At Any Time From Anywhere
By using a secure login, our patients have secure 24/7 access to a medical summary that shows them their personal and insurance information, health conditions, medications, allergies and much more from any computer, anywhere in the world allowing them to participate more fully in their own care.

Online Services Provide Tools for Patient Care
To simplify interactions with our practice, reduce phone calls and improve the service our patients receive. Patients can easily complete a wide range of tasks such as making appointment requests, submitting prescription refill requests, view update personal information, and send in questions.

Online Patient Forms
You'll save time and improve your patient experience when you complete your online patient forms to gather pre-visit and other information. Once the form is complete, the data is saved directly into your chart.

New Patient Enrolment
New patients to the practice can register online, reducing the time and effort involved in the new patient enrollment process. Their online registration is fully integrated with their patient record so the new record is automatically populated.

Marketing and Communications Support
Regency can now develop and distribute regularly scheduled e-newsletters to our patients who sign up for newsletters on our site. For example, we may use newsletters to remind patients about the start of the flu season so they can schedule an appointment for their annual flu shot or announce the addition of a new physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is my information secure?
A. Yes. Safeguarding your information is a priority for us. To ensure the security of our personal information, we use industry standard encryption to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Q. What browser can I use to access the website?
A. Portal access requires Microsoft Internet Explorer v6.0 (or above).

Q. Are any special settings required?
A. Yes, you must set your browser to handle stored pages correctly. This is typically set correctly and usually does not need to be changed. To check this setting from within Internet Explorer:

1. Select the Tools menu, and Internet Options.
2. In the Temporary Internet Files Section,
select the Settings Option.
3. Ensure that “Check for newer versions of
stored pages” is set to “Automatically”.

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